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We are developing a solution for multistakeholder mixed reality urban planning workshops that foster collaborative, creative processes. Our goal is to enable people to experience, discuss and change their own co-creation outcomes — both at the planning site and from anywhere else. For urban planning, that is not only productive, but also inclusive and fun. To this end, we synchronize work at a touch table with virtual and augmented reality settings. Planning projects — like the design of a park in our use case — can be developed, discussed, changed and experienced together.


How we do

MIT City Science Summit 2021

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HafenCity University Hamburg

City Science Lab

HafenCity University Hamburg

FTZ Digital Reality

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

A cooperation of City Science Lab and g2lab of HafenCity University with the Research and Transfer Center Digital Reality of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. PaKOMM is funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Science, Research and Equality.